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MLOFrom its founding in 2003, Boise’s The Very Most has always seemed a bit like a British band embedded in America’s Mountain West. For one, they are heavily influenced by the sounds of the UK, particularly Scottish bands like Belle and Sebastian and Teenage Fanclub. Secondly, many, if not most, of their peers in the indiepop scene are in Great Britain, whereas The Very Most are hundreds of miles from the nearest indiepop band. So it seems only natural that the band is combining forces, for the first time, with a label from the UK: Sheffield’s My Little Owl. The release, entitled Things Too Obvious to Sing, is a four-song EP on milky clear vinyl with beautiful monochrome packaging.

verymost_aWhile this is the first release where Jeremy Jensen, the leader of the band, has played every instrument, this EP has more than its share of guest vocalists. The mellotron-drenched “Wond’ring” features Vinnie Ransome of Sheffield’s The Mini-Skips on a beautiful countermelodic vocal, as well as Grass Valley, California’s Adam and Darcie on the chills-inducing outro. Stockholm’s Astrid Wiezell, who plays in Don’t Cry Shopgirl and Northern Spies, takes the lead vocal on the title track, sounding a bit like 90s indie female vocalists like Juliana Hatfield or Liz Phair, while still employing the style she’s developed in her other bands. It fits the song perfectly. Three of the songs feature long-time TVM member Gia Trotter, who contributes some gorgeous harmonies to these songs.

The feedback we’ve received on this EP early on has been really nice. Tweendie Webzine said “It then seems difficult to find a single flaw in the beauty of the arrangements that Things Too Obvious To Sing is filled with. The Very Most has simply released an incredibly classy record.” We hope you’ll agree.

Release Information

This record was released on March 29, 2014 and can be ordered from the My Little Owl Bandcamp site. It is also available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify. The vinyl version comes with a download.

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Video for Wond’ring

Track Listing

1. Wond’ring
2. Oh Maisy!
3. About Forgetting
4. Things Too Obvious to Sing


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