Have yourself an aquatic-mammal-based Christmas!

So, this year, like most years, we made a Christmas song, which, unsurprisingly, is appearing on a compilation by our good friends Indiecater Records. However, this Christmas song, unlike most Christmas songs, involves everyone’s third favorite aquatic mammal (after dolphins and otters): the seal! You see, our song “Stars and Happiness Forever” is a song about a seal that comes to visit me on Christmas day. The character of the seal is one played by my nine-year-old daughter Mia every day, for at least some of the day. When she’s in seal mode, she looks at the world quite differently. She speaks in a very nasally, but very soothing, voice. She is very naive. She is more scared of everyday things, and she is more physically affectionate. Mia basically just acts as she imagines a seal would act if that seal were living among humans and could talk. There are also some seal-ish words. “Naga” means “no”, for example.

In any case, I decided I wanted some sort of crazy talking/sound during the solo section of our new Christmas song, which, at that point, didn’t have lyrics yet. I decided to recruit my children for this task. It was Mia’s idea to do the seal character. In the studio, I asked her to imagine that she was the seal, waking up on Christmas morning. The results of what she said can be heard on the track, which you can stream below:

Here are the lyrics:

Stars and Happiness Forever

A seal came to me
just so she could see what Christmas is.
So she knocked on our front door
December 24th, and here’s her take on it:

“I got up for Christmas and I got:
a kitty
and a piano
and a wire
and a wire cutter
and pants
and a guitar
and a kitty
and a microphone
and jingle bells!
Jingle bells! Jingle bells!
Stars and happiness forever!
Merry Christmas!”

Then she took a nap
right there in my lap.
For hours, she laid.
Then she had to leave
to go back to the sea.
She’ll be back again someday.

So, I hope you like my aquatic collaboration with my daughter. The compilation that this song is included on is quite good. You can check out the whole thing right here. Oh, and here’s Mia, appropriately enough, at the aquarium.


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