Plans for the next few months

As we enter into the post NYC Popfest/post Just a Pup release phase, here’s a rundown of the various projects we’ve got in the hopper:

  • An odds-and-ends collection. It will have compilation tracks, a few remixes, a new track or two, and our EardrumsPop single. We’ll be remixing, reworking, and cleaning up a lot of these tracks. Some of our best songs are on compilations and it made me a little sad that they weren’t all in one place where people could easily get to them, so we’re going to do something about that. We’ll have more details on that later in the year. I hope this one will be ready for Christmas, but I’m not too optimistic that we’ll reach that goal.
  • A free download-only EP of synth-pop versions of three or four of our songs. Hopefully this will be ready sometime in Fall 2013.
  • A track for a four-band split seven-inch. No date set for that yet.
  • Remixes for at least two bands that I admire and respect. Those will be done sooner rather than later.
  • A collaboration where I’m making backing tracks for awesome Boise hip-hop group Dedicated Servers.

I’ll also be working on mixing songs by Spondee and The Hermit Crabs in my studio, and we’re also doing a full-band show in August and most likely a couple in October.

It’s going to be some busy times. Fortunately, the deadlines are loosey-goosey on most of this stuff. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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