Just a roundup of year end stuff as well as a quick inventory of the year.

As usual, the Bloodbuzzed blog was very kind to us, giving us the #5 spot on their best EPs of the year, the #45 spot on best songs of the year for “Sing UP For the Boys in Green”, and the #25 spot on best songs of the year for “Ununiversalizable Us”. We were in Liz Hunt of the The School‘s top 33 songs of the year with “Ununiversalizable Us”, and in Indie Pop Saved My Life’s top 35 of the year. We also received the #6 EP of the year from Chaotisch und Charmant. All in a year where we didn’t release a full length. Not too shabby.

On the other end of things, here’s my top 10 full length albums of the year on Faster Than Sheep, a publication I wrote for in the 90s/00s, and that now exists as a blog. I was also asked to provide my top five albums of the year and top five gigs of the year for, a blog based in Germany. Brazilian blog Chaotisch und Charmant asked me for a list as well. They wanted something a little different, so I sent them the top 10 songs that were new to me in 2012 by Irish artists. Ireland has been home to a lot of great indie pop in the last few years (thanks in no small part to the Popical Island Collective), so I thought that would be a good thing to highlight since I was given the opportunity to do so.

The high points of 2012 for The Very Most include:

The low point of the year:

  • The live band falling apart five months after putting it together. However, this did give me a chance to reevaluate and decide on a new path going forward.

Thanks everyone for a generally rewarding 2012. I’m hoping for a 2013 that’s less of a mixed bag, and I think I’ll get it.

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