Song Talkings #4: “Changed Me”

This song started out with a slightly different title, “Changing Me”, and a version of this song was released on our 2004 album Making the Case For Me. I decided to rerecord it after I heard how much better it sounded live with our short-lived 2012 lineup, which included Jake Hite on drums, Brion Rushton on bass, Elijah Jensen on guitar, Lindsey Lloyd on vibraphone, and Holly Johnson Wallace on vocals.

Here’s the original.

Lots of differences, obviously. I prefer the newer version, with extreme prejudice. The old version is a little sluggish, lacks Holly’s gorgeous, spunky vocals, and relies on a stale drum loop rather than real drums. Also, the ending on the new version is a lot more interesting, with nice woodwind and brass interjections, a beautiful melodic guitar lead written by Elijah Jensen, as well as some nice guitar feedback with loads of effects on it. Just a huge improvement, in my opinion.

Credits on this song include all the people I’ve already mentioned, as well as Joey Corsentino on trumpet and Josh Valencia on saxomaphone.

(Edit: I thought I might as well include a link to our live recording of this song as well. This was recorded with the 2012 lineup, minus Holly, who had to work.)

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