Studio Diary – November 18, 2012

In yet another new feature on The Very Most blog, we’re going engage in a bit of studio geek confessional we’re going to call Studio Diary. It’s kind of like a tour diary, only about recording in my studio, so it will lack any shred of local color, stories of vans breaking down, or photos of what I had for lunch. But it will have lots of videos of me talking and playing instruments and using my computer. EXCITING! So, without further ado, here it is.

My apologies for my overall weirdness in the beginning and end spoken bits in this video. I won’t record these parts at 3 am anymore. Also, I apologize for the gratuitous nose scratching during the organ parts. Rockin’ makes my nose itch.

For more information about my studio and my thoughts on recording, check out this article done by Irish blog Musical Rooms.

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3 thoughts on “Studio Diary – November 18, 2012

  1. So glad I found this! It sounds amazing and I love seeing the process. Darcie and I are totally geeking out.

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