Song Talkings #2: “Let Her Dance”

So, happy release day! Today’s the zero-th birthday of our Ununiversalizable Us EP. You can get it here, if you’d like.

In this installment of Song Talkings, I thought we’d discuss the last song on the EP: “Let Her Dance.” This song is a cover of a Bobby Fuller Four song that I first heard in the Wes Anderson movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. Bobby’s stuff reminds me of Buddy Holly, but it came out in the same time span as Revolver and Pet Sounds, a fact that makes me smile. I really like the idea of someone in the mid-60s being a bit of a throwback to the late 50s. Would you call that Proto-Retro? Anyway, here’s the original Bobby Fuller version of the song:

This came about as a The Very Most song when our bass player Brion Rushton suggested that we play the song live. I thought it was a natural fit for us, and so we worked out the song in rehearsals. The two or three times we played it at shows, it ended up being the tightest, most well-received song in our set. It’s always a bittersweet feeling when that happens with a cover song. Because it sounded so great live, I thought it would be great for our upcoming EP. Really, there’s not a huge difference between how we played it live and how the studio version ended up. Mainly, we just added a bunch of extra guitar leads and the slide solo in the middle. Overall, I’m really pleased with how it came out.

The female vocalist on this song is the amazing Holly Johnson-Wallace. Brion Rushton plays the iconic lead guitar part on this song, and Jake Hite, as usual, does a superb job on the drums. Lindsey Lloyd played a cool vibraphone part in the middle, and I do all the other stuff.

It should be noted that Bobby Fuller died under very mysterious circumstances. It was initially ruled a suicide or an accident, but serious questions remain, including whether he was killed by the mafia. Weird.

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