An unused script for the trailer for Syntherely Yours

As leader of The Very Most, I like to view new releases as problem-solving opportunities. Take our upcoming album, Syntherely Yours. It solved several problems.

I have way too many software synth programs! I want to use them, but we’re a jangly guitar-pop band!

Make an entire album of 80s-style synthpop, with little or no guitar.

I have no new songs!

Just re-do some old The Very Most songs. It’ll be like making a cover album of your own songs.

I’m really, really sick of my own voice. Really sick. Really.

Let’s get a whole fleet of singers to fill in for you. Singers like:

Adriano do Couto
(Postal Blue)

Geoff Crestwell

Sam Counsil
(Central City Music Company)

Colin Clary
(The Smittens and Colin Clary)

Charles Bert
(Math and Physics Club)

Laz McCluskey
(Bubblegum Lemonade and Strawberry Whiplash)

Thomas Guilcher
(Tomiji and Pale Spectres)

Lisle Mitnik
(Fireflies and Tiny Fireflies)

Adam Sanders
(Adam and Darcie)

Making an album cover is hard!

Just make a parody album cover of a classic synthpop album. It’ll totally work for something like this. See?

a and m


This album might suck!

Make the album non-sucky.

So there you have it. Syntherely Yours by The Very Most is the solution to my problems, and maybe some of yours. Coming out on February 23rd on February Records. Order it right here.


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