An exciting new admission of defeat
aka Titling blog posts is hard

November 2012 Promo Photo

I’m going to start my first post on this new site with a bit of an admission: I’m not sure I’m any good as the “leader” of a band. This band has existed, in one form or another, for the past ten years, and there’s only been a three year span where I managed to keep a full-band live unit together. After a nearly year and a half hiatus from November 2011 to March 2012, I tried to put together a full band that could come close to playing the things I make in the studio, and it fell apart after less than six months.

All of this made me realize that, for whatever reason, it’s just not meant to be that The Very Most will be a normal, functioning, playing-at-bars-and-touring-all-the-time-type band. Not only does it not seem to work out so well, it’s not really where my strengths lie. I’m a pretty good songwriter, a pretty good studio musician and producer, I’m good at web stuff, and I love learning how to make new types of media. Why focus so much on what I’m not good at (permanently leading a live band) to the exclusion of things I am good at (writing, recording, and, to a lesser extent, hyping stuff on the web)? As a father and a husband, I don’t have the time to do both effectively, so I’m choosing to play to my strengths.

As a consequence, this web site will become the focus for all things The Very Most. I will regularly blog, post videos, and new music. As part of my blogging, not only will I give status updates on our latest recordings, but I will also post and comment on music by other artists, write about studio recording, and even include the occasional political/cultural commentary.

The Very Most will still play live, in different ways and in different places. I just see no point in maintaining a permanent band at all costs, to play to the same 20 people all the time in Boise, Idaho. The kinds of live shows I see happening in the future may include:

  • Weekend mini-tours of the Pacific Northwest with nothing but me and my ukulele
  • Tours of various countries (e.g., the UK, Spain, Indonesia) where I assemble a band of local musicians to play four or five shows in their country
  • Local solo shows with me on keyboard and maybe a few songs on guitar

That kind of thing. I’ll miss playing with the other members of The Very Most, though more because I’ll miss hanging out with them on a regular basis since they’ve been, without fail, such good people. It’s just that, toward the end, even though we expended so much time, effort, and money into what we were doing, the really rewarding live shows just came fewer and further between. I think if I make our live shows more of a (very) special event, I’ll appreciate them more.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant/explanation, and please check back often. I solemnly vow to update this blog regularly, even if it’s just with music that I’ve been enjoying.

All the best,

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