My favorite music of 2014

This year, I went with a fairly arbitrary number to limit my picks for albums and songs: 17. It just seemed right for some reason. With that said, here are my lists. Hope everyone had a happy 2014. My new year’s resolution is to post more to this site. We’ll see how that goes.

Top 17 albumsĀ  (only top five in order)
Real Estate “Atlas”
Thee Ahs “Corey’s Coathangers”
Space Daze “Follow My Light Back Home”
Watoo Watoo “Une Si Longue Attente”
Colin Clary “Twee Blues, Vol. 1″
Vashti Bunyan “Heartleap”
Alvvays s/t
Alpaca Sports “Sealed With a Kiss”
Literature “Chorus”
Ginnels “A Country Life”
Trick Mammoth “Floristry”
Holly Barkem “All is Alright”
Sleepy Seeds “Sleepy Seeds”
The Glamorous Life Savers “Resurrected Elsewhere”
Fireflies “In Dreams”
The Wendy Darlings “The Insufferable Fatigues of Idleness”
The Royal Landscaping Society “s/t”

Top 5 EPs (in order)
Gingerlys “Jumprope”
Imaginary Pants “Kites at Night”
Mitchell Adam Johnson “Half Moon Lane”
Blooper “So Very Small”
The King in Mirrors “Little Voices”

Top 17 songs (in order)
Alvvays “Archie, Marry Me”
Thee Ahs “Does it Still Count?”
Space Daze “Line Up on the Solstice”
Colin Clary “Repeat Me”
Gingerlys “Jumprope”
Rocketship “That Old Black Magic”
Brideshead “The Loneliest Boy in the World”
Vashti Bunyan “Mother”
The School “When I Fall in Love”
Northern Spies “4-ever”
Parcel Post “Centimetres”
Tennis “Timothy”
Souvenir Stand “Only Talkin’ to Myself”
Postal Blue “The Last Goodbye”
Withered Hand “Black Tambourine”
A Seasonal Disguise “D.Y.F.H.D”
Marine Life “Fool of a Kind”