Bloodbuzzed interviews me!

Check out this video interview of me by one of my favorite blogs, Bloodbuzzed, at one of our favorite restaurants, Boise Fry Company. Watch me talk about music stuff right after I ate way too many fries! In this interview I mention Adam and Darcie, Souvenir Stand, Camera Obscura, Veronica Falls, The Pastels, Rose Melberg, manic pop! records, The Choo Choo Trains, and others.

Village Green!

We’re really pleased to announce the release, on March 15, of Village Green, a compilation of the three bands/artists that comprise the Village Ten Collective: us, Adam and Darcie, and Matthew Hoiland/Canoe. We’re all covering each others songs. Exciting stuff! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Here’s the cover.

Village Green Cover