The post wherein we humble ourselves just a little…

So, as I’m sure a lot of you know, being in a band that you take seriously can cost some money. There’s the cost of gear, repairs, practice space rental, gas to get to gigs, CD replication, etc. etc. As I’m sure a lot you also know, being in a band (especially of the non-cover variety) doesn’t pay very well. When you play opening slots for out-of-town bands, usually any money goes to that band (and rightly so). Furthermore, oftentimes the only way to get people to go to your show is to make your show free or nearly free. Again, understandable, especially in these lean economic times. So, unfortunately that leaves bands with a quandary: how do you continue to take a loss for being in a band? Obviously love and passion for the music play heavily into this equation, but unfortunately, for many of us (especially those of us with a family and mortgage), love and passion run headlong into the family budget, and the result is not pretty.

Therefore, this post is us humbling ourselves and letting all of you know that it’s getting harder and harder to sustain this. If we are to continue like we are, we need the support of the people who value what we’re doing. The easiest way we know of for you to do so is to buy some merch from us.

As always, we appreciate everything that our friends and fans have done for us. We hope to be doing this for years to come.


Custom Songs and Remixes

So, back in ’08 we did this crazy thing where, if someone bought our album Congratulations Forever, we would write and record a song about whatever they wanted. Lots of people took us up on this and we wrote and recorded a lot of songs about girlfriends, boyfriends, daughters, and even articles of clothing. Some were good, some were better, some were just really strange. In any case, we thought they may be of interest to a lot of you, so we decided to offer a collection of these songs as a download-only bonus album that you get when you buy our latest album A Year With The Very Most. We also have some remixes commissioned by Indiecater that we’ve included in the collection. If you’d like to hear a track, give a listen to “Indie Rock Queen.”

So, yup. There you have it. If this sounds good, just click here to buy our latest album. (If you’ve already bought our CD, just get in touch and we’ll send a download code to your email.)

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the songs!