Check out this great cover of “Call the Cops” by my good friend Joey.

I love it. I’ve never heard a song of mine sound so plaintive.

BTW, I play keyboards in the live version of Joey’s band Sleepy Seahorse, and we’re recording an album this summer.

Syntherely Yours!

The new album is officially released! I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too.

An unused script for the trailer for Syntherely Yours

As leader of The Very Most, I like to view new releases as problem-solving opportunities. Take our upcoming album, Syntherely Yours. It solved several problems.

I have way too many software synth programs! I want to use them, but we’re a jangly guitar-pop band!

Make an entire album of 80s-style synthpop, with little or no guitar.

I have no new songs!

Just re-do some old The Very Most songs. It’ll be like making a cover album of your own songs.

I’m really, really sick of my own voice. Really sick. Really.

Let’s get a whole fleet of singers to fill in for you. Singers like:

Adriano do Couto
(Postal Blue)

Geoff Crestwell

Sam Counsil
(Central City Music Company)

Colin Clary
(The Smittens and Colin Clary)

Charles Bert
(Math and Physics Club)

Laz McCluskey
(Bubblegum Lemonade and Strawberry Whiplash)

Thomas Guilcher
(Tomiji and Pale Spectres)

Lisle Mitnik
(Fireflies and Tiny Fireflies)

Adam Sanders
(Adam and Darcie)

Making an album cover is hard!

Just make a parody album cover of a classic synthpop album. It’ll totally work for something like this. See?

a and m


This album might suck!

Make the album non-sucky.

So there you have it. Syntherely Yours by The Very Most is the solution to my problems, and maybe some of yours. Coming out on February 23rd on February Records. Order it right here.


Trailer for new album

We have a new album coming out February 23. This video explains what you need to know. TRUST THE VIDEO. OBEY THE VIDEO.

A Couple New Tracks

Just a quick update to let you know that there’s two new tracks up on the internets. One for a compilation of a Facebook group I contribute to (and started, actually) and one for our dear friends at EardrumsPop.

Sorry I haven’t been writing much. I just don’t have the energy. I hope someday that I’ll be motivated/energetic enough to post some something of substance here.


UK Tour EP

So, I’ll be giving a report of our UK tour very soon, but I thought I should at least post here that the EP we made especially for tour is available for purchase by everyone. You can either get it with a special jigsaw puzzle or just as a download. It’s got a cover (of The Softies), a new song (“This is Where I Should Be”), two remixes (by Watoo Watoo and Cris of The Royal Landscaping Society), and an instrumental version of “Wond’ring”. Hope you like it!

UK Tour 2014

Crazy, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog yet that The Very Most will be touring the UK, with one show in Ireland, in July 2014, leading up to a show at the legendary Indietracks festival! Woo-hoo!

From Boise, it’ll just be me (Jeremy) going, where I’ll be joined by three folks from Glasgow (Chris Gillies on bass, John Ferguson on guitar, and Jo Bunyan on keyboards), Pablo Caballero from Valencia on drums, and Vinnie Ransome from England who will be sharing vocal duties with me. We’ll be touring with one of my favorite Scottish bands of recent years, Yakuri Cable, and it’s gonna rule. Here are the dates:

  • July 12 – Dublin (solo acoustic) at the Pop Inn w/Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and TBD
  • July 18 – Glasgow at The Glad Cafe w/TBD *
  • July 19 – Nottingham at The Maze w/TBD *
  • July 20 – Liverpool at Maguire’s Pizza Bar w/The Swapsies *
  • July 21 – Bristol at Cafe Kino w/Lonely Tourist *
  • July 22 – Swindon at The Vic w/The King in Mirrors *
  • July 23 – London at Buffalo Bar w/Cosines *
  • July 25 – 27 INDIETRACKS! (Allo Darlin’, Dean Wareham, Rocketship, The Popguns and tons more)

* w/Yakuri Cable

I absolutely cannot wait. It’s been a long-term goal of mine to tour the UK and the fact that we’re playing one of the greatest indiepop festivals in the world is the icing on the cake. We’re planning a tour-only release too, so I’ll reveal more details about that as the time gets closer.

EP #6, Things Too Obvious to Sing is on the books!


Our sixth EP is officially out! Thanks so much to all our friends and fans and to My Little Owl Records for being such a pleasure to work with.

Here’s where you can get a copy of the vinyl:

Here’s where you can get a download of the EP:

Here’s where you can stream it:

“Things Too Obvious to Sing” is out March 29th!

Go here to place your order. The official release date is March 29, but we’ll ship it out as soon as we get your order.

Alpaca Sports

Just a quick post to tell you a bit about the collaboration I’ve done recently with Gothenburg, Sweden’s Alpaca Sports. I played a bit of mandolin and cabasa on their superb new single “Just Like Johnny Marr” which you can view here:

I also did a remix of their song “Just For Fun” for their remix collection Belle’s Mixtape, which you can listen to right here:

Working with Andreas from Alpaca Sports has been an immense pleasure and an honor. Definitely get their new album.